A story that ends badly… or badly acquired never benefits.

If you see Mimi’s little jeep pass by, immediately stop all action, open your eyes wide and applaud with both hands.

And yes, in less time than it takes to say it, she left in the car. One ad, one hour, one buyer. Fixed price $ 4800, it’s no secret, it was written on my post… He came, nice, connoisseur, looked at everything, below, above, tried, liked, said OK but at this price … We discuss, we reflect and we also say OK. $ 3,800 will be… or rather 217,000 pesos. All in all, since we weren’t too keen on selling it, it’s not that bad.

As I am a very nice fanatic, I ask my mechanic who knows the little car by heart to come, meet the buyer, nice, knowledgeable and talk with him about the few transformations he is considering in the near future. Neither one nor two, Rafael arrives dare-dare, speaks, explains, I listen, translates… well yes, one does not speak Spanish and the other does not speak English, it’s not so easy when it comes to ‘is mechanical. But we’re doing pretty well and the deal is done.

Around 1 a.m., dring, it’s the friendly, connoisseur buyer who arrives with a mechanic buddy. Return to the car. It’s okay, it holds up. Head to the terrace where I prepared a mock bill of sale. No need for a lawyer, on the gray card of the small auto it is written motocicleta. A private deed is sufficient. We fill it in, we sign and the guy, nice and knowledgeable, drops me a bundle of banknotes, pesos, well tied up. I’m about to count when suddenly, in a tragedy, Leo my German Shepherd and Mimi’s little Tatoo kill each other … I’m alone with them. I drop the wad of cash, run, shout, push Leo, grab Tatoo, a bite, bloody hand and rather broken little finger on my right hand. I wrap my hand in absorbent paper, go back to the negotiating table and shaking like a leaf, barely able to speak, blood tasting everywhere and Tatoo still in my arms I tell the nice guy, geek ‘I can you trust, not the courage to recount  ». No problem, he told me, I counted three times. Ok, here are the keys and thank you and good luck etc, etc …

Except later when I finally count the wad of cash. Amazement, 100,000 pesos are missing. And yes, 117,000 instead of 217,000…. Strange no. I count and recount and recount. I join the nice guy, connoisseur…. He doesn’t want to hear anything and scoffs at me that I just had to recount. He is not wrong but seeing the scene, I am still entitled to extenuating circumstances or else. I don’t raise my voice, explain to him that maybe he was wrong. The guy not so nice but surely connoisseur will not let me say a word … he is honest and all and all. And how could he know I wasn’t going to count….

Except, stupid for the cost but not that much, I remade the script. 117000 strange anyway.

The guy arrives with a kid bundle, if I had counted, damn 117000 instead of 217000….  » Oh excuse me it’s a mistake, I was wrong sum all in impatience to get the car back but wait, I’m running to get the rest and I’ll come back…  » He didn’t even have time to tell me his story, I got into trouble on my own … thank you my dogs but at the same time, I prefer myself to be ripped off 100,000 pesos and that my two loves are whole.

In any case, if you see Mimi’s little car passing by with a guy at the wheel who looks nice, but just looks, and his dog, don’t be fooled, he is formidable but above all applaud, he is very strong. And if you want a name, I’ll give it to you, just ask.


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